Criminal Law

Being charged witha criminal offense can be an extremely frightening and difficult situation to deal with. Oftentimes, individuals do not know what to do and end up potentially damaging their case before they are able to talk to a qualified attorney who can represent your interests and rights under the law. Gomez Edwards Law Group, LLP will make sure that you understand the law and charges against you, that you are treated fairly, and that your rights are protected whether in settlement negotiations with the District Attorney or in court hearings/trials.

Family Law

Gomez Edwards Law Group, LLP provides detail-oriented and quality legal services. Our attorneys will strive to reach a cost effective and just resolution in your family law matter that will protect your interests and the best interest of your children. We understand that a family law matter can be a tremendous emotional toll and financial burden and we will work diligently to minimize the emotional and financial stressors.



Gomez Edwards Law Group, LLP

Gomez Edwards Law Group, LLP was founded by close friends Natalie Gomez and Lauren Edwards. We decided to build a law firm on the ideals of 4 pillars of strength: loyalty, integrity, hard work, and advocacy. We approach each case determined to clarify all issues for the client, formulate a strategy, and execute a plan of action. We pride ourselves on our diligent communication with our clients throughout the duration of the case. We understand that legal proceedings can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining process, but we are here to listen to you and take that stress off of your shoulders. We are grateful for the opportunity to become a member of your team through this difficult time and to guide you to a successful resolution of your case.


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