Divorce Attorneys

Bringing a relationship to its end is rarely easy. Even if both partners are willing to work together, it can be difficult to disentangle two lives. In the best of situations, things can be worked out amicably. In the worst, grievances can stretch out the process by years. No matter what the situation, is always better to work with an attorney than to try and go it alone. To learn more, it’s best to start with what a divorce attorney can do for you.

What is Divorce?

Looking at divorce as a legal concept can help many individuals understand exactly why an attorney is necessary. In the strictest sense, a divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. Unlike an annulment, this practice does not “erase” the marriage, but rather brings it to an end. From a purely legal standpoint, this means removing the individuals from the framework of the marriage. The two parties no longer gain the mutual benefits of marriage, nor are they assessed any penalties that come from being married.

While the marriage might be dissolved, this does not mean that the legal business between the two parties is done. The parties may have shared property during the marriage, jointly owned certain assets, or otherwise be financially connected. The parties may also have minor children, and thus the divorce must have provisions for the care of the children. The process of divorce is often more about wrapping up the mutual business of the two parties than it is about ending the relationship. In fact, some of the most complex parts of a divorce have little to do with emotion and a great deal to do with the stark reality of disentanglement. As such, some divorces require much more than a mutual consent to end a romantic relationship.

The Proceedings

What, then, do divorce attorneys do? In most cases, the divorce attorneys are those who help one of the parties navigate the complex legal realities of their divorce. Because every divorce represents a slightly different set of circumstances, a good divorce lawyer will be familiar with all of the different types of proceedings.

In some cases, the primary role of the attorney is to draft the divorce document. When this happens, the lawyer helps to draw up an agreement that at least one of the parties finds fair and helps to make sure that the document is processed carefully. In those divorces that are relatively amicable and have no children involved, the lawyer will mostly be there to deal with paperwork.

In other cases, the divorce attorneys will work to represent the interest of one of the parties in the courtroom. He or she may have to present certain evidence or make arguments to convince the court to find in his or her client’s favor. This is more likely in divorces that are acrimonious.

There are even cases in which the divorce attorney works as on behalf of the client in negotiations. While not necessarily something that happens in the court, these discussions can be invaluable. This is especially true in matters of custody, as the matters don’t have to be dragged out for quite as long.

Contact Our Divorce Attorneys

If you are going through a divorce, you likely need the help of our divorce attorneys. These individuals aren’t just trained in matters of the law – they also understand that you are going through a very difficult period in your life. They work with your best interests in mind and provide you with a valuable ally during what can often be a trying time.

Always make sure to work with trained attorneys. If you are thinking about a divorce or already in the middle of the process, make sure to reach out to us at the Gomez Edwards Law Group for the help you deserve.