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Legal Issues Involving Family?

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Generally, family law is an especially delicate area of practice that can impact all members of a family. In some cases, it can affect people who might not even be directly involved with the case. Thus, understanding the importance of this practice area means understanding what it encompasses. This practice area includes issues like divorce, child custody and child support agreements. One of our experienced Santa Clara family law attorneys can help you build the strongest case possible, no matter what family law issue you face. We can utilize our vast repertoire of knowledge while explaining the process to you every step of the way.

Attorneys Natalie Gomez and Lauren Edwards, close friends and legal partners, founded family law firm Gomez Edwards Law Group, LLP with a clear focus. Ultimately, our goal is to provide fiercely aggressive and loyal legal representation to our clients in the Bay Area. Since opening our doors, our experienced Santa Clara family law attorneys have done just that. We approach every case with the same passionate vigor as their first. Our success record stems from our experience and compassion.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is actually an incredibly wide field that encompasses several areas of law. As one might expect, these are all areas that involve the family at times of transition. Usually, common areas of practice include marriage, divorce, and/or child custody and support. However, this area of the law also includes the maintenance of these issues, not just creating parameters for them. For example, family lawyers often help with changes to custody agreements and issues arising long after divorce. Our Santa Clara family law attorneys can help with common situations such as:

  • Divorce SettlementAs a rule, several areas can be covered in a divorce agreement. These areas can involve division of property like cars, retirement and/or pension plans, and other bank accounts. Divorce settlements can also specify alimony and child support requests.
  • Prenuptial AgreementPrenuptial agreementsdetail and protect valuables and property should you ever get divorced. Additionally, a prenuptial agreement can also clarify any property that is to pass along to children.
  • Child Custody/Transfer of Custody– Unfortunately, custody battles are complicated, tedious and emotionally charged. Having a seasoned family law attorney at your side will ensure the strongest case is presented on your behalf.
  • Adoption — Adopting a child is an exciting and complicated time. Having a professional adoption attorney by your side will help ensure the legality of this important process every step of the way.

What Are Family Law Proceedings?

Even if you do not end up in a courtroom, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer. Unsurprisingly, there are many different types of family law cases. Thus, a great number of potential proceedings might stem from almost any issue. For instance, a family member may need to appear in court to support your case. An experienced attorney can guide your loved one through this process.

Alternatively, the job of our team might be to offer advice on your contract or settlement agreement. In this case, we negotiate to protect your best interests. Furthermore, we can play an important role in an adoption proceeding or in a custody dispute. Whatever the case, our firm can protect your interests and safeguard your future.

Fortunately, family law cases do not always end up in a courtroom. Non-courtroom settings can often help families deal with their problems in a controlled atmosphere. For example, our family law attorneys can help you with alternative dispute resolution. The family law mediation process helps provide reasonable solutions to problems you are facing. We can represent you in negotiations to provide a resolution that may not involve the courts directly. Ultimately, these alternative methods of dispute resolution often help preserve parts of the family relationship. As a result, we can help remove tension and save you time and money.

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The vast field of family law involves deeply personal matters. As a result,those directly affected by the proceedings find it hard to be objective. Unfortunately, this can have long a long-lasting negative impact. Our Santa Clara family law attorneys will always follow your directives and wishes. Furthermore, we will use critical thinking to help you achieve your goals.

Our law firm’s success stems from our professional, local family law attorneys. Attorneys Natalie Gomez and Lauren Edwards have a deep understanding of local California family laws. We believe

your family is too important to risk. Furthermore, we know that good representation is key to pursuing the best possible outcome. Do not automatically assume you cannot afford an attorney. Call

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